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Used for a medicine
The medicine profession asked  manufacture profession to have a high technical standards.The high level medical treatment equipments that Chenxuan Machinery produce comes to a the request of numerous original equipments manufactories, include figures emanation line to shine on fortune-telling zero partses, the appropriation equipments of the medical treatment laboratory.




Used for agriculture and building industry
Agriculture and building industries all need various high quality, heavy match of parts, in order to satisfy this need, we produce launch of high quality machine, diesel engine, gasoline machine pump hull body, the high accuracy launches machine zero partses and becomes soon a box a hull body.


Used for generating electricity an equipments
The public service company spares no effort to with all strength continuously satisfy people's need to the energy in low cost and high-efficiency way.Chenxuan Machinery passes to produce difficult process, the special metal alloy parts of heavy burden lotus make a contribution for correspond.Among them, the product include:Steam and Ran annoy turbine machine, washer, large cover hull with spray a mouth.




Used for a heavy type truck orbit transportation
Zero partses of motor vehicle have to have the dependable function of the statistics of height, Chenxuan Machinery produces series to spread to move module and zero partses, used for defending to embrace to make to move system, spray oil system and become soon box body and heavy burden lotus stalk.


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